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Special Merits of Commercial Television

1. TV has immense impact. No other medium can compare with TV for its power to attract attention and interest, and in achieving these first two stages of the ADA formula it overcomes the first two problems facing any advertiser. How does he command attention, how does he claim interest? By the use of numerous techniques, the TV commercial is…

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Advertising is a powerful communication force and a vital marketing tool-helping to sell goods, services, images, and ideas (or ideals) through channels of information and persuasion. 1. Advertising Distinguished From Publicity The function of advertising can be viewed in two basic ways: as a tool of marketing and as a means of communication. Advertising is any paid form of…

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Marketlng Advertising PR Propaganda

To distinguish these four activities in practice let us now take the hypothetical example of a Government policy to overcome an acute shortage of housing resulting from a balance of payments deficit and the country’s inability to import building materials. The policy is to offer financial aid to landlords and private house-owners who are prepared to convert existing large property into…

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Advertising or PR?

The assessment might be that advertising was too inexpensive or unlikely to be effective. It has been known for some organisations to use PR techniques only. For example, the Royal National Life-boat Institution has little money to spare on advertising, and was grateful to W.D. & H.O. Wills for sponsoring a film about the lifeboat service that was so genuinely entertaining…

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We shall now look at ten distinct and particular classes of advertising, each of which Calls for a distinct treatment and sometimes different media. From these studies, we shall begin to appreciate the diversity of advertising even better. The classifications are as follows 1. PERSUASIVE 2. INFORMATIVE 3. INSTITUTIONAL 4. FINANCIAL 5. CLASSIFIED 6. RETAIL. 7. CO-OPERATIVE 8. INDUSTRIAL…

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The simple answer to the question ‘why do we advertise?’ is that either we have something we want to sell, or someone else has something we want to buy. Alternatively, we may want to give something away, seek an exchange or invite donors of gifts. We advertise, or make known, our offer or need. We bring together people who would not otherwise…

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