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Install Television was introduced in Pakistan to promote an enlightened awareness of the world as well 88 to foster a consciousness of Pakistan’s own heritage, the social and economic growth of the country and to provide inspiration and guidance for progress and prosperity. Television was considered necessary also for bringing about a genuine revolution in…

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Labourers Programmes

Stations put across 11 0 30 minutes programmers for workers. The laborers are motivated to work hard for the economic development of Pakistan. Other items include, talks on laborer’, problems, dignity of labor, employer-employee relationship, marketing, commercial! information, motivation for increased production, laborer’s role in country’s economy, etc. Forces programmers Programmers for the Armed Forces are…

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Quality Improvements

The Pakistan Press today has vastly improved its quality, coverage and sweep compared to what it’ was at the time of Independence in 1947. In make-up, display and use of color, it wears a new look today. Interpretative or in-depth reporting on aspects of the national and international scene has been introduced in almost all…

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Newspapers and periodicals in the country are owned> either by private individual proprietors, or joint stock companies, or by Trusts. The groups owning newspaper chains are: (a) The National Press Trust (NPT), a non-profit organisation, was set up in 1964 by businessmen to own and operate newspapers. The registered charter of the NPl’ seeks “the promotion…

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National Press

The National Press has grown rapidly since the establishment of Pakistan. There has been fast increase in the number of newspapers and periodicals. The Press, moreover, has played an important role in the creation, development and consolidation of Pakistan. NEWSPAPERS AND JOURNALS There are 1,587 newspapers and journals in the country including 133 dailies, 346…

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