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The Impact of editorials

If nothing else, the experience of writing editorials will teach you that everyone has an opinion about something. Try as you might to compose a well-reasoned, coherent and convincing editorial, you will undoubtedly draw some responses you didn’t anticipate: letters to the editor or crank calls or hate mail. But isn’t that the point of…

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Like reviews, editorials reflect opinion. But there’s a major distinction: The editorial is usually a reflection of management’s attitude rather than the reporter’s or the editor’s personal view. Most editorials, unlike reviews, are unsigned. Framing an opinion The editorial page is management’s soapbox. Even chain owned newspapers generally have local autonomy, so that the opinions…

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Opinion writing Reviews and editorials

Opinions are expressed in the mass media the two dominant forms: the review and the editorial. In both cases, the pieces or the pages where they appear are usually labelled to signal the audience that what, is being expressed is someone else’s judgment, not straight news. lt is unusual for a general-assignment reporter to also prepare reviews or editorials, On many…

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