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Effective operation

Third, the publicity expert must put his programmer into effective operation. If it works, it is a success; if it doesn’t work, it is 8 failure. Obviously, then, he should be prepared to modify it to meet unforeseen developments. If he is serving a candidate in a political campaign, for example, his tactics must offset the strategy of the opposition.…

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Publicity Organization

Make an appraisal Granted that “with public sentiment nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed,” as Lincoln pointed out, what steps should the publicity man take to arouse, develop, and maintain public confidence and support? First, he should make an appraisal of the situation in which he finds himself; second, he should develop a publicity programme adapted to…

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Civic organizations

Every community has organizations, many of which sponsor various projects of interest not only to the members but also to the public in general. The chamber of commerce will devote considerable attention to publicizing the climate, natural scenery, and other attractions likely to interest tourists. Service clubs will raise funds to aid crippled children, to build Ii cabin for the Boy…

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Educational Institutions

Decisions concerning education today as always will be based upon facts–or what pass for facts. Educators know that. And tax-paying parents have a right to the facts. After all, they pay the bills. As individuals and as members of chambers of commerce, parent-teachers associations, service clubs, women’s clubs, veterans’ organizations, civic agencies, or pressure groups, they have a right to know…

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The Need for Publicity

Specialized news It is apparent that there are many areas of human interest and activity which media of public information and public opinion cannot or will not cover adequately, Among them are causes, movements, businesses, and institutions which deserve general approval and support. Given an expert to interpret them to the public, they can perform a genuine service to society, Without…

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TRUTH may make men free, but truth and publicity are not always one and the same, Critics of publicity label it the antithesis of truth, Its defenders admit that it sometimes is not the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, Yet, whether it is intended to reveal or to conceal the truth, its social, vocational, and technical aspects are…

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