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Mega agency

Mega-agency: Global advertising agency, incorporating a holding company and subsidiaries. Microfilm: A film often in the form of a strip 16-mm or 35-mm wide bearing a photographic record on a reduced scale of printed or other graphic matter that can be enlarged for viewing. ModeTTL’An instrument that enables computer signals to be transmitted over telephone circuits. Muckraking: A term used…

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Motion Pictures and Video

Thanks to new technologies, producers of entertainment films have found additional home audiences to watch their pictures, first over cable television and more recently on video cassette recorders attached to television sets. Until fairly recently, motion pictures were made for showing only in movie houses’ and drive-ins. Some of the more popular films are now played on network television, and…

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Technologys lmpact on the media

As we examine the media in subsequent chapters, we shall discuss how each uses the new technologies. Here, to provide an overview of their cumulative impact, is a brief summary of how electronics has altered our major means of communication. Newspapers In earlier days newspaper stories were typed or hand written on copypaper, then set into lines of hot…

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Satellites and Computers

Two major electronic creations of the past four decades form the core of the revolution in communications. The first is the computer. The second is the satellite. Basically, a computer i8 a machine capable of accepting and processing information and supplying the results in a desired form. The digital computer, the primary element in 80 much communication, performs operations with quantities…

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The Communication Explosion

An explosion of information and entertainment, spread around the world by electronic methods, recently has intensified humanity’s ability to communicate by an incalculable degree. A space camera sends photographs of the planet Uranus 1.8 billion’ miles back to earth. These pictures in turn are bounced off orbiting satellites and distributed to television audiences worldwide. Only a relatively few years ago such  actions were inconceivable…

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