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Third, the publicity expert must put his programmer into effective operation. If it works, it is a success; if it doesn’t work, it is 8 failure. Obviously, then, he should be prepared to modify it to meet unforeseen developments. If he is serving a candidate in a political campaign, for example, his tactics must offset the strategy of the opposition. Whether he is concerned with a shortrange or a long-range programme, he should evaluate his efforts from time to time to determine whether he is getting results.

What does this mean? Simply this-that he should be the first to discover whether the media he is using are getting results. He must feel the pulse of his public-perhaps all the voters at large or perhaps only those who may contribute to a fund to build a museum. He will want to know which way the wind is blowing, preferably before it is too late to do something if it is blowing it wrong way.

Kinds of organization

Who handles publicity? Small organizations on a campus or in a community may Appoint or elect a member to “write up meetings” or “to phone in stories.” A chamber of commerce may appoint a temporary committee to promote a community Good Manners Week. Students in some high schools and colleges develop their own publicity bureaus to publicize rallies, play Fl, concerts, games, dances, and other activities. Such publicity is handled by amateurs who give only a small part of their time to it, expecting no other reward than the fun, training, or recognition their efforts may bring.

Paid publicity’ men may have – a rank little higher than clerk or they may hold the position of vice president in charge of public relations. Occasionally the president of a corporation or the chairman of its board actually is chosen because of his ability to speak effectively, photograph well, and mingle agreeably with persons whom the corporation has frequent contacts. Factors to consider, in Any event, are both the structure and personnel of the organization. The publicity man should be placed in a position in which he has authority as well 85 responsibility and in which he can function effectively with actual persons ‘with whom he outwork.

Business organizations may adopt one of two policies. They may employ a man in whose ability and training they have confidence to supervise their public relations, or they may arrange for an agency or firm specializing in publicity to handle their account. In either case, the publicity director or public relations counsel should attend important meetings dealing with policy. Moreover, it should be understood that he is not merely a person who takes orders. His advice should be taken seriously, for there is little point in providing for publicity if the publicity man’s counsel is not regarded highly.

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