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One of the aspects of the newspaper’s importance is its deep-routed effects on the’ society individually as well as collectively. Some of the effects of newspaper are as follow

Less education:

From unofficial sources eternity rate is 26.5 per cent, majority of the population, urban or rural, is illiterate. In spite of the fact, people have curiosity in newspaper, because they find in it most of the material for their information, guidance and entertainment. People who don’t know, “how to read newspaper,” listen from others news of their own interest. Despite less education, newspaper fulfills its responsibilities.

To formulate public opinion

No doubt, the most important tool to form or effect public opinion is newspaper, it in many ways affects public opinion through its views, articles, columns, editorials, etc. Most of the people formulate their opinion from newspaper as they agree with the thoughts and reflections of the editors and on a particular event, they wait to see the reaction of their opinion leader.

To promote Ideology

In an ideological state; newspapers are considered to promote a custodian of ideology. Newspapers create sense of responsibility and keep aware of the nations, their true and right destination. They also help to determine their goal. Before partition, newspaper had rightly fulfilled their obligation in this regard. They gave wide projection to ideology of Pakistan and Two Nation Theory

National Press Trust:

1958, Martial Law! imposed and bans were accorded upon the newspapers. There was strict censorship upon the political news in daily newspapers. government set up National Press Trust and passed a heavy hard on the freedom of press. Consequently, press was not in a position to present the different views on a news, event or cause, but essentially have to submit,what the government wanted to present before the people. In 1970, also did the same. The organ of press was fully used in  of the government. However, present government has somehow lifted the bans over the press and gave freedom, which she really deserves. Nevertheless, government should not allow to those elements who have heinous aims to ruin the ideological boundaries of the nation

Business industry

Newspapers have a noble- zest in their mission,hence ‘have no stone upturned. First, newspapers publish with the same mission and shoulder their responsibilities. Now, with the passage of time, a lot of money is necessary to maintain press in proper order and new kinds have been invented for this purpose. However, .sometimes, it seems to be a business rather to play a missionary role. Some time ago, only one journalist stepped in this field, but now big businessmen have adopted this field and made her an industry.

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