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A handout is a document containing information which is circulated for general public.  The handout may be issued by the government or its agencies to provide information of their activities. The handout highlights the activities of the government in different fields

A handout must have accuracy and general human interest. Its aim is to inform the general public. If language used in the handout is
illegible than its object, will be finished. Its words should be common and simple. Difficult expressions and the use of lengthy paragraphs must be avoided. So brevity, objectivity and timeliness are essentials of handout

Press Note

Press notes are delivered in written form in a simple language to satisfy general public and show good intentions of government. Press notes present a firm stand on the part of the government regarding any : matter. Press notes contain information on a specific matters in which the government’s firm stands is to be explained. They are considered to be the last. word on government’s point of view

Press notes should be prepared in the most logical manner and with suitable words. They are means to build a good public opinion regarding the government.

Press Release

A press release is a handbill contains information about activities of organization. Press release is issued when one organization wants to reach the public through the media. Politicians use press release when they want to clear their position about a specific issue: or when they want to raise their voice against any matter.

The language of press release should be simple. It should . be clear to convey the information to the general public. Attention must be paid to the selection of a suitable heading which at once catches the interest of the general reader. It should be written categorically in such a way that the editor may not have to write it again.

The press releases and handouts are similar in form. They both usually contain the information issued by the government. The press release is issued by government and non-government establishments.

When press releases are issued by a consultant on behalf of a client, this fact should be clearly indicated and the name of , the client stated, together with information as to where details can be sought

The press release should be headed with a little which explains the subject. It is usual to make the first paragraph tell the story and then to proceed to give details in the following Pnragraphs. This is a good plan but avoid extremes. Because, important is to tell the story, logically and clearly

Press Conference

Press conference is one of the most effective methods of  communication now-a-days. Newspapers give due coverage to press conference addressed by various personalities. It is just like
an interview of important persons. In a press conference, a representative narrates his views about specific matter.

For holding a press conference at ·V~~ short notice, the news editors may be telephoned. A ~qi\~:Statement may be distributed among all the journalists “- ” how the motive for calling the press conference

If the conference is of interest it is Possible to select a time of day. The best conference is 11 to 11.30 in the morning or 2.30 to 3 in the afternoon. Press conference should not be held on national days.

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