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Stations put across 11 0 30 minutes programmers for workers. The laborers are motivated to work hard for the economic development of Pakistan. Other items include, talks on laborer’, problems, dignity of labor, employer-employee relationship, marketing, commercial! information, motivation for increased production, laborer’s role in country’s economy, etc.

Forces programmers

Programmers for the Armed Forces are put on the air every day for half an hour in the evening. Programmers on Muslim generals, Islamic history informative talks and features and music are regularly broadcast in these programmers. The regional stations continue to receive a large number of letters from the jawans in respect of these programmers which indicate their popularity and wide listening.


Music continues to be the chief source of entertainment the Radio offers to large percentage of its listeners. Radio Pakistan is the largest music producing institution in the country.

Its annual music production far exceeds the combined output of all other institutions. It is the biggest employer of musical talent in the country and has been responsible for the discovery of vast fresh talent, its training and the ultimate projection and popularization In the exposition of music, PBC caters to all tastes and its projection spectrum includes all forms from the humblest folk song to the highly sophisticated classical music, from light classical music in the forms of ghazal and kafi to devotional music and quawwalis, from geet singing to instrumental renderings in fact the entire range of musical expression. The formats are also as varied. The Radio’s musical fare includes patriotic songs, community sings, folk music of all regions crushes, duets, a large variety of ham’s and naughts, musical features, Iqbaliat and specially produced light music in regional languages.


PBC Importations put across on weekly basis dramas mostly on historical and sociology-cultural themes. In addition, stations arrange. drama festivals every year. Besides, features are being broadcast once or twice a week from every station on a variety of constructive themes.

Literary Programmers

Literary programmers are presented in national as well as regional languages from all stations. A permanent feature is the weekly broadcast of literary magazines in which modern literary trends are discussed and book-reviews are broadcast every month Another regular feature is Mushairas.

World Service

A multi-dimensional role has been assigned to the World Service of Radio Pakistan. Aimed at educating, informing and guiding the Pakistanis living abroad, the programmers of the World Service are specially tailored in a language that is comprehensible to the listeners in the ·respective target areas.

World Service addresses listeners in South-East Asia in the morning for one hour and 45 minutes, in Middle East at around mid-day for two hours and 15 minutes, in UK and Western Europe in the afternoon for 3 hours and 45 minutes and then again late in the evening for two hours and 15 minutes. Listeners in Middle East are given a second transmission in the evening for two hours and 30 minutes. This puts the total to more than 12  hours daily. The duration of World Service in Urdu and English for the Pakistanis abroad is 32 hours, 21 minutes daily.

External Services

The external services of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation are being broadcast for the foreign listeners in Arabic, Bangla, Sylheti, Burmese, Dart, French, Gujrati, Haznrgi, Hindi, Indonesian, Swahili, Tamil, Turkish, Irani.

Central Production Unit

Central Production Units function at Lahore and Karachi while its National Sound Library and Head Office is located at Islamabad. Its purpose is to capture in sound the life of Pakistan, touching on every aspect of activity, from culture and the arts to industry, agriculture, education, and inform~n and to make this material available to broadcasting media allover the world, 88 well as to stations in Pakistan. All available recordings of the great personalities and artists of Pakistan including prominent leaders and workers of the Pakistan Movement, who have since died, have been procured and preserved in the archives of

National Sound Library.

Special curtain-raiser programmers are prepared and supplied for broadcast on the eve of visits by President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to foreign countries and also on the eve of similar visits by foreign heads of state and government.

All recordings of the heads of state and government are preserved in the Sound Library. There are 17,000 tapes in the Sound Library, and 9,000 tapes of spoken word items, while 8,000 tapes contain music of every description.

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