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* One characteristic that makes a feature story different from straight news is human interest.

* While not necessarily timely, feature stories have news value. They give the audience insight and understanding of a person or situation that might not be incorporated into a straight news story.

* Features tend to be more creative, calling on a wide range of writing skills.

* The marketplace for feature stories is unlimited. A feature story can be turned into newspaper, wire, radio and TV copy.

* Ideas for features are everywhere. The shrewd reporter reads, listens and observes carefully, then makes a note of potential story ideas.

* Feature stories can be grouped into broad categories. Among these are the news feature, the personality sketch or profile, the informative, the historical, the personal experience, descriptive, the how-to and the enterprise story.

* .All features need clear, crisp language, a clearly defined central theme and some font of reward for the reader for having read the material through to the end.

* Feature structure is not the traditional inverted-pyramid pattern, and sometimes is more like that used in fiction, complete with suspense and climaxes.

* The language can deviate from the more objective style used in news stories. Dialogue, narrative techniques, vivid description and detail, comparison and contrast-any number of stylistic techniques may be used to evoke the desired images and emotions.Achieving the most effective organization and development of a feature is best accomplished through a carefully designed outline.

* The story must be structured for a dynamic conclusion.

* Feature stories can be of any length, about any subject.

The content of the story must dictate the length.

* In broadcast news, the feature is almost always defined as a story on the lighter side.

* Broadcast news features can be locally produced, or can be sent to stations from networks, or syndicated news sources .

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