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The Pakistan Press today has vastly improved its quality, coverage and sweep compared to what it’ was at the time of Independence in 1947. In make-up, display and use of color, it wears a new look today.

Interpretative or in-depth reporting on aspects of the national and international scene has been introduced in almost all major newspapers. There has also been an expansion in the publication of features and feature articles to add background and comprehension to national and world events and personalities.

All the major newspapers have now acquired a panel of regular contributors of these articles, including some of the most respected and reputed writers and journalists.

Another new development, helping to raise the standard of the profession, as well as expand readership, has been the rise of the columnists. A rare phenomenon in the early years of Pakistan, all the major newspapers today have their own distinguished columnists writing exclusively for their respective papers .

Apart from an expanded pictorial coverage, including use of radio photos, another innovation, in some newspapers in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi, has been the comprehensive coverage of the country’s development activities, particularly in the fields of commerce and industry. Special pages-sometimes four a day-have been added to several dailies containing penetrating analyses and the national efforts to raise living standards and improve the quality of life of the people.


Radio is a very effective instrument of mass communication because of its quickness, easy access and infinite reach. It is particularly true in developing countries like Pakistan where literacy level is low, areas are vast and means of communication inadequate. Pekineses: Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) is playing a pivotal role in projecting developmental activities and national policies of the Government, arousing national awareness and pride in our nationhood, highlighting the Islamic ideological basis of the country, disseminating information and catering to the entertainment requirements of the listeners belonging to different age groups.and strata of society.

Religious Broadcasts

Islam is the source of inspiration for all our activities. In these broadcasts, principles of Islam and their application in day to day life are explained in a way that can help the promotion of Islamic values. Islam is presented as a forward looking system of life capable of meeting the challenges and solving the problems of mankind in the modern age.

Pakistan Ideology

It is a permanent theme of our programmers and there is a daily item in one form or the other to explain the ideology of Pakistan and to acquaint the young listeners with the Pakistan Movement.

Programmers for Students

Each station broadcasts university/college magazine programmers intended to discuss youth problems, to guide them in  their studies and careers, to cultivate a sense of patriotism in them and to help them prepare for future responsibilities as good citizens of Pakistan.

Programmers for Women

The percentage of literacy among our women is very low indeed and even lower in villages. Intensive efforts are being made in our programmers to highlight their problems and to exhort them to make their full contribution to the advancement of society.

The underlying idea of these programmers is to make them better sisters, mothers and wives, better Pakistanis and to make them aware of their rights and obligations as useful members of the Islamic society. Child psychology, domestic economy, careers for women, medical hints, nutrition, health and hygiene, cleanliness, importance of female education, simple living, are some of the subjects of this programmed.

Children’s Programmers

Programmers for children are broadcast once a week in Urdu and once a week in regional languages by stations in which children up to the age of fifteen take part. Attempt is made to familiarize the young listeners with the struggle of the Muslims -of South Asia for Pakistan, the glorious periods of Islamic history and salient aspects of Pakistani life and civilization.

Rural Broadcasts

Eighty per cent of our population living in villages are of special concern to the PBC and it is particularly, here that Radio Pakistan plays its role as an instrument of change, education and information. The Radio becomes a knowledgeable guide and a dependable friend of the rural listeners. The entire spectrum of their needs and problems is reflected in a number of special programmers directed towards the rural areas. Some programmed are also planned from the point of view of community listening.

Farm Forum

Agriculture is another important subject of our broadcasts. All stations put out at least one daily programme on the subject. Experts of agriculture are associated throughout the planning an-d- production of these programmes. The agricultural programmers bl e pipped in consultation with the agriculture department.

Pakistan Council for Agricultural Research. A survey can ied out by the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council shows that over 6<per cent of the farmers depend on Radio Pakistan for agricultural information and guidance.


The coverage of sports activities is the regular feature of PBC and its role in promoting sports in the country by broadcasting running commentaries e specially on the Hockey and Cricket matches has been fully ac kn lodged. They attract a very large number of listeners at home 8J J abroad

Posted on November 27, 2015 in National Press

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