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In previous time newspaper was published in a very simple form and only produced important news with an editorial. Then pictorial journalism stepped ahead ana enhanced the importance of the newspaper whenever important day or functions came, and newspaper published an article over it, but now-a-days, special editions are published on important national and international days, event or functions. Newspaper every day publish special editions, e.g., Political Edition, Sports, Islamic Education, Women, Youth, Children, Social Activities, etc

Organized Mass Movement

Newspaper plays a vital role to organised mass movement. In 1969, Newspaper awoke the people of the grave circumstances and awoke them from their slumber, hence, the net result was this that Ayub Khan was forced to surrender himself before the circumstances. In 1977, once again, newspaper jumped into the
field and criticized over the prevailing deteriorating situation. Newspapers are usually a best source to organised mass movement


Newspaper is a means to provide information, guidance, news, views, and entertainment to the general public. Almost, literate and illiterate people showed their interest in newspaper. Every one reads newspaper according to his own desire, need and

New Trends of Journalism:

Now-a-days, journalism is quite different from its previous history. Journalism adopted new trends in every part and caused better entertainment. Not only the quality of the news, views, articles and paper has improved but new and special edition or supplement also caused to enhance its popularity. But inducing ‘new trends, where there is positive effects, on the other hands, there are also same negative aspects. The female aspect has been integral part in modem journalism and it remains in one way or the other. In our Islamic society, this trend should not be so promoted for the cause of exploitation but to abide by the customs, thoughts and traditions of the society

Press Relations

Newspaper may have to publish all the matter having news objectivity and press adopted this tradition to enable herself to publish a good paper. Newspaper prefers to print the news reported by its own representatives’. Some time, organization desires publicity of its own cause, for that purpose press relations are essential.

Political Social Effects:

Newspapers have played significant role in political and social uplift. Press with their editorials, articles, columns, features awake the people and made conscious them about their political and social rights and duties. Through the blessing of news paper now a layman is well known about his responsibilities and obligations. Society developed herself to seek guidance and information through their respective newspaper.

Digest Magazine:

Newspapers in its special edition and magazine publish stories regarding crimes, spies, etc. More than 80 per cent people read them very anxiously and rather than to take benefit and lesson from these stories, often someone tries to repeat the same. In fact, the sole purpose of the newspaper is to dishearten the sentiments of such like of people by guiding unlucky result, but with extreme sorry, they are not producing their real effects

Society Magazine:

Newspaper not only publishes stories based on aggression but other material for the interest of the general reader. In such magazines, all out efforts are made to enhance the interest and give a moral lesson to their readers. Often these magazines prove useful to guide and make broadminded the great part of the


Magazines have developed historically to occupy a middle’ position between the time-consuming and self-selective book and the hurried, geographically circumscribed newspaper. All magazines share two characteristics: they are published regularly, and each .!appeals to some specific segment of society

The first magazines were the Latter and the Spectator, published in England in the first quarter of the eighteenth century -,The last ~fixed._of the century is known lUI. the Golden Age of ma..Haziness. The.The industry flourished because of technological developments, the existence of the transcontinental railroad, and the Postal Act which created less expensive second-class.mail

Muckrakers characterized the early part of this century, but their influence waned after the failure of Theodore Roosevelt’s third party candidacy in. . By the 1950s, television began to usurp the denationalization, and several general-interest magazines eventually ceased publication after costly emulation wars. The advertising had gone to television

There are several ways to categorize magazines. One   is to categorize them functionally, for vampire, 88 entertainment. escape, news/information, or -advocacy, We can also consider the relation between content and audience. Most
magazines today are narrow in subject and narrow in audience. TV Guide, however, is narrow in subject but broad in audience. There are also news magazines and city or regional magazines. Some magazines carry no advertisements and others, called’ controlled circulation, are given away free. Finally, there are the business press and company magazines, which represent. a burgeoning area of magazine publishing

Most magazines are owned by multi-magazine groups to share costs and expertise and to protect against possible failure. While some magazines are started on a shoestring, the costs of .publishing magazines today make that method rare; few companies can afford the kind of $47 million gamble Time, Inc lost with its TV Cable Week.

Some magazines rely on staff writers for material while others buy the work of free-lancers; many use a mix of the two sources for their articles

Advertising is crucial to most magazines. Reader surveys help to determine the pass-along readership, which is a measure of exposure for advertisers. In some cases, the advertising may be more important than the content to the reader, as is often the case with glossy fashion magazines. In recent years subscription lists have provided advertisers with an additional channel to markets, and have provided additional revenue to their owners; magazines may use these lists to sell. their own products or they may rent them to organizations and manufacturers.

Technology will soon make it possible for readers to select only that material they wan,t to see. This is of concern to media . producers who fear that it may isolate people, leading to a lack of a sense of community.

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