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Before writing a thesis, create a thesis statement. It will help you to create a direction of your work which you have to follow. Your thesis statement will includes two ways of studying, in which two variables are studied by showing their impacts on each other. Normally, you all want to refine you thesis. Create a draft of your thesis, like what you have to add in your main idea, literature and recommendations & suggestions. Try to start the thesis with abstract, try to give some overview of your thesis. Why you are researching on it and how it will contribute to the society. Include aims and objectives of the research in your introduction section.

Add maximum information in your literature review and problem statement. Give a detailed information in your literature review section. Don’t add too much useless information, just try to add information of two variables which are studied in the research and that is dependent and independent variable. With the methodology site try to use SPSS in your research. It will help you to do all the tools like finding out correlations, standard deviations and means in easy ways. The students of thesis writing must create originality in their content. It will add quality to your assignments.

Again the research thesis recommendations and conclusions are made after the study of the project. Students can use primary and secondary data to create their thesis. Students who are taking help from journal and articles must only take articles from 2005 to 2019 and they must be latest.

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